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First of all, I really hate mobile phone time trouble, I like to lift the hand can see the time, watch for me is practical value。
Secondly, in theory, if mechanical watches are used normally and maintained normally, they can be used indefinitely, which has a certain degree of permanence, so mechanical watches for me have similar eternal properties of gold and diamonds.
Moreover, a man wearing a watch is similar to a woman across a bag, is a piece of clothing with similar functions, highlighting status may be too, but it is still possible to highlight taste.
Based on the above three points, Rolex can satisfy me very well, so I chose Rolex.Some people say you can wear a Rolex to look rich, but for me, there’s no place to wear it. I think it’s more flattering.
After buying a Rolex watch, I returned to peace. I calmly wore it to work, to the sky, to the sea, to the kitchen. No one notices the Rolex on my hand, but I care about it. Wearing it, I feel safe. Without it, I feel less dressed.
At 30 years old, I feel content to have a decent job that pays enough to keep me going, a stable family and a Rolex. All that remains is to pursue your dreams and raise the next generation.
Speaking of dreams, is also a hobby.For many people it might be simple and trivial, but I haven’t done it yet, which is to go around the world and see.
With the growth of age, no longer so vigorous, used to doing things tactful not sinners. I always want to assert myself. It doesn’t matter what other people think. Always want to do inner peace, calm, after all, is an ideal, the reality is far away.
I often wonder what the meaning of life is and why I came to this world. So far, there is no clear answer. Every time I talk about this with my friends, IT is a mockery: what do you think so much, just live one day at a time. But I don’t think so. I don’t think so now. When I leave, I will think, what am I here for? There are no clear answers, but there are some big pictures. We are here to experience the world. Experience the rich and colorful world, material and spiritual, physiological and psychological, time and space, light and darkness, black and white and color, ordinary ups and downs, calm as water and turbulent waves, this rich and colorful should be all-inclusive.
Thinking about this, I came to understand that the dream of traveling around the world, that is not the rich and colorful experience I want. I learned that Rolex was also the experience I wanted: the perfect combination of beauty and utility.I will continue to search for rich experiences and the meaning of life, perhaps until the day I leave.

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