Wonder Woman is a fictional superhero character that appears in DC Comics. She is portrayed as a heroine fighting for justice, love, and peace, making Wonder Woman a symbol of feminism. Wonder Woman is a Warrior Princess of Amazon (based on Amazon in Greek mythology), and she is called Princess Diana of Themyscira in her hometown. Outside her hometown, she sometimes uses the name Diana Prince to disguise her identity.

Wonder Woman was born during the Second World War. The role was originally interpreted to be and the Axis forces and all kinds of variety of super-villain battle. In recent years, the story line has focused more on the role of Greek mythology, such as characters, gods, monsters, etc. Wonder Woman has often battled a variety of classic villains who determined to be bad for amazon, including Ares, Cheetah, witch Searcy, and Giganta. Wonder Woman is also often in the Super Hero Team, Justice Society of American and Justice League.

Wonder Woman was born with superhuman strength, speed and endurance, and good at all kinds of fighting skills and swordsmanship. In the early film she was driving a stealth plane, but then she changed the setting to fly by herself (but sometimes she still drives a stealth plane). The common weapon is Lasso of Truth, which makes people honestly tell the truth, and is good at detecting enemy intelligence. The Bracelets of Submission/gauntlets is tough enough to withstand lightning strikes. In addition, Amazonian weapons such as swords are sometimes used.

In the New 52 , Vulcan helped the Wonder Woman to modify Diana’s bracelet so that she could use two magic daggers during the battle. She has also been trained by Ares and, after her death, inherits the power.

Wonder Woman has changed its style with time and version, but its breastplate, headwear, bracelet and “W” logo will remain. The author showed that it was dominated by the Amazonian style. In Volume 3, Hippolyte gave orders to make clothes for Diana, inspired by the sky of the night that Diana was born. Red for the hunting month , dark blue for the stars, and eagle breast for the eagle that symbolizes Athena . When she debuted, she wore a gold headdress with red stars, blue culottes with red stars and red boots, which is based entirely on the American flag. Later, in 1942, the culottes were completely converted into tight shorts , and the boots became sandals. In the 1960s, she used to wear white prisoners as uniforms. In the early 1970s, her costume was restored and dressed in more modern clothing. In 1976, her white belt turned yellow.

In 1987. She wore a costume similar to 1970, but the golden belt was even bigger. Later John Byrne took over the work of writing and art, he redesigned the dress of the Wonder Woman(Diana regained the identity of Wonder Woman), who combined the logo with the belt.

Her dress was redesigned by Jim Lee, including the logo, gold and red headwear, black trousers, and a black-blue jacket removed.

Another major change was the restart of the New 52. She reverted to the original swimsuit style. In 2016, DC decided to unify the costumes of Wonder Woman into the costume style of Wonder Woman in DC Extended Universe .

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