Some tips on cosplaying Rey

I’m glad you found this guide, and if you decide to play Rey, these tips will surely inspire you.
Rey is one of the protagonists of the series “Star Wars”, which is the powerful Force-sensitive, user, and Resistance members. In order to fight the first order, she made an outstanding contribution.
It was not until after the arrival of the aerospace mechanic robot BB-8 and the first-order deserter Finn, Rey walked out of the occluded inner ring planet Jakku and began to learn the Force tips after finding Luke Skywalker.
At first Luke refused to accept Rey as a disciple, but until after meeting R2-D2, Luke decided to teach the Rey three Jedi Knights course. In the process,Rey found that she could communicate with Kylo Ren through the Force. Although she later learned that it was the conspiracy of Snooker, the supreme leader of the first order, she still believed that Ben Solo had hope to returned to the bright side. After the death of the last Jedi Knight Luke Skywalker, she lead the resistance organization an drive the Millennium Falcon to go.
Rey has two sets of clothes. In the latest Star Wars 9, her clothes are white. Let us take a look now.
Tops and pants:
Tops and trousers are the most basic outfits, and the tops are white. If you have similar clothes in your closet, you can substitutions them with your clothes. The same is true for pants, because Rey’s pants are very common. However,the Rey cosplay costume is soft ,you can also choose it.
Jacket and shawl:
The jacket and shawl are actually a garment as a whole, and the top of the shawl is sewn to the shoulder of the jacket. In the white one, the jacket is attached to a hat, and the entire workmanship is very fine.
In the black set, Rey’s belt is wide and white is the opposite. There is also a belt which made of leather outside the belt. This belt is very special. I believe that friends who have seen the movie know it. This belt is also where Rey placed the weapon, because a holster was designed under the belt.
About the arm part:
Rey’s arm has many different decorations.on the one hand, you can use a bandage to wrap the entire arm, and you can do it at home, then prepare a leather-made wristband to wear on your wrist. Another way is to simply wrap the front half of your arm around the bandage and the other part with the arm guard. Similarly, the wristband on the wrist should not be less.
Her boots are a pair of dark, long boots, as long as they can be matched with clothing, you can find such boots in any place.
No matter what method you take to get the costume, you can get a different experience, can bring you benefits, all you have to do is enjoy cosplay to bring you all the pleasure.


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