1. NieR: Automata 2B Cosplay Costumes – Deluxe Version

YoRHa No.2 Type B is an actionable character in the game Neil: Mechanical Era. She is a multi-purpose combat intelligent robot. Although they are forbidden to express their feelings, each member has a different personality, and 2B is relatively cool-head and calm.

The fabric used to make this cosplay is a soft sueded synthetic. It’s stretchy and heavyweight and really nice quality! The embroidery is excellent and the sleeves have real feathers on them. The black mesh patterns on the chest and back of the dress are not that unattractive flesh toned pattern used in other costumes, it is hollowed out. The eyemask is actually see through so you can use it. The gloves are also comfortable If you want to have the same gloves as 2B. They do really fit at all, even shaped like a NieR: Automata 2B’s hand. The headband was serviceable and nice. Still well worth the money, be prepared to buy next time.

The quality is amazing and it looks absolutely beautiful. I feel great in the costume but it does get warm. The main part is a little tough to get into, there’s a zipper on the back of the leotard and one on the shoulder which definitely help. The skirt is beautiful. It has a zipper on the side but is also a bit stretchy but it stays up well, the added tie also helps but it’s not as long as in the game but that’s honestly not even an issue.The feathers  are really nice and the gloves I got were a little long but they actually fit fine and I can still use my phone with them which is definitely great. The blindfold isn’t that bad, it can be a little uncomfortable but it’s not the worst, you just have to adjust it around. I tied it on under my wig so that it wouldn’t slide off. I’m sure it I will wear the boot covers because I plan to get actual thigh high boots but for now, I’m definitely going to wear them. They have ties in the back which is good if you have bigger thighs. All in all, this set of NieR: Automata 2B Cosplay Costume I really like, and I’m looking forward to purchasing next time.

2. NieR: Automata 9S Cosplay Costumes

In game NieR: Automata 9S, YoRHa No. 9 Type S is a reconnaissance robot. The main responsibility of the 9S robot is to study combat missions as a hacker. He is good at collecting information, has a strong desire for knowledge, and also has the ability to attack. In YoRHa, 9S expresses emotions more and has a kind heart.

It arrived on time and it fit me well. The jacket and pants are made from a nice soft velvety matieral that is so addictive to touch and the embroidering is nice. This costume is very well with the choker and the gloves, which were put together or proportioned good. I definitely love this costume a lot more than I thought I would. The socks are great and the blindfold is see-thru enough to function properly while wearing, but dark enough to slightly  block out my eyes. But I love it!

Great NieR: Automata 9S Cosplay clothing and good quality/construction. Mask really is sheer enough for the wearer to see through. The fabric of the jacket and shorts feels really nice. Soft to touch, and durable. The gloves are somewhat sized and ccomfortable. Especially the backpacks and necklaces are my favorite. These are the necessities for me to play NieR: Automata 9S, and the boots are also very important. Without these things, the whole character is incomplete. I recommend this product!

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